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行业快讯 Industry News


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is Approved to Set Up a Financial Subsidiary


RMB Bonds to Be Included in Bloomberg Index from April

中国银保监会简化股权投资计划和保险私募基金注册程序 支持保险机构加大股权投资力度

CBIRC Simplified Equity Investment Plan and Insurance Private Equity Fund Registration Procedures to Support Insurance Institutions to Increase Equity Investment

鼓励保险资金增持上市公司股票 拓宽专项产品投资范围 维护资本市场稳定

Encourage Insurance Funds to Increase Holdings of Listed Company Stocks, Broaden Investment Scope of Special Products, and Maintain Capital Market Stability


S&P GLOBAL Enters the Chinese Bond Credit Rating Market

保险业专项产品陆续落地 纾困民企取得积极成效

Special Products for Insurance Industry Have Been Launched One after Another, Bail-Out Private Enterprises Achieved Positive Results


CBIRC Held the Fourth National Economic Census Work Conference and Training Session for the Insurance Industry

中国人民银行决定创设央行票据互换工具 为银行发行永续债提供流动性支持

PBOC Introduces Central Bank Bills Swap to Support Issuance of Perpetual Bonds


Head of Relevant Department of PBOC Answers the Reporters’ Questions about the Central Bank Bills Swap

银保监会决定放开限制 允许保险机构投资商业银行发行的无固定期限资本债券

CBIRC Decided to Release the Restrictions and Allow Insurance Institutions to Invest in Non-fixed Term Capital Bonds Issued by Commercial Banks


Bank of China Has Been Approved to Issue Non-fixed Term Capital Bonds


Spokesperson and Chief Economist of SAFE Wang Chunying Answered Questions about the Change of the Size of Foreign Exchange Reserves in January 2019


'Big five' lenders eye wealth unit potential

监管机构发布指引 更新贷款更便捷

Regulator issues guidelines to make loan renewal easier

政策法规速递 New Laws and Regulations


Five Authorities Unveil Measures to Promote Financial Services at Rural Regions


CBIRC Promulgated Guidance on Strengthening the Construction of Long-term Mechanism for Compliance Management of Overseas Institutions of Chinese Commercial Banks

积极支持上市公司外籍员工股权激励 稳步提升境内资本市场对外开放程度

Actively Support the Equity Incentives of Foreign Employees of Listed Companies, and Steadily Increase the Degree of Openness of Domestic Capital Markets


Head of Relevant Department of CBIRC Answered Questions from Reporters about the Notice on Further Strengthening Relevant Matters Concerning Auto Insurance Supervision


CBIRC Promulgated Notice on Further Strengthening Relevant Matters Concerning Auto Insurance Supervision


CBIRC promulgated Measures for the Administration of Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing of Banking Financial Institutions.

安杰动态 AnJie News


AnJie Lawyer Zhan Hao and Chen Jun were Awarded the Title of 2018 Debt Investment Plan “Excellent Expert” by the China Insurance Asset Management Association


Director Zhan Hao attended the 2019 International Chamber of Commerce Work Symposium and Made a Speech

钟灵毓秀,载誉而归:安杰7大业务领域23人次律师荣登Legal 500亚太地区2019榜单

Graceful Return with Honors, AnJie 7 Major Business Areas Made 23 Hits in 2019 Legal 500 Asia Pacific List

《中国保险诉讼裁判规则集成》一书即将面世 ——安杰保险法团队三年精心打造

" Complete Collection of Court Rulings in China Insurance Litigation " is about to be Published after three years carefully crafted by AnJie Insurance Law team

安杰法律视点 AnJie Insights


Litigation Research on Insurance Funds Application - a Solution to Invalid Bets


Hotspot Tips for the Dispute of Use of Insurance Funds Cases


When to Start Counting the Statute of Limitation of Insurer Subrogates——AnJie Wins the Typical Case on behalf of the Insurer


Disguised Foreign Exchange Trading will Lead to Criminal Punishment


How to Invest in China’s NPLS – A Legal Review

理论研究 Theoretical Research


Should the Insurance Company Compensate within the scope of Compulsory Traffic Insurance if Damage Caused by a Crashing Object from Car Goods?

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